Creating our Happiness

Much like many other areas in my life, this blog has not served as I originally hoped it would. Looking back on my first post, I was so excited and sure that I had finally nailed down a topic worth creating an entire website around to share thoughts and ideas. Clearly, the part in myself which starts projects then drops them took over, as I'm averaging about 1 post each year with no real theme. Or maybe, the theme is that I still don't have one. Didn't have one.

I finally made a huge decision, one that was incredibly tough to stomach and is still the center of many internal debates. After years of exploring various career paths both related to and incredibly far from the degree I invested so much of myself, time, and money earning, I've come to a realization and am through searching for the perfect job. It's far beyond time I create my own success and arrive at my happiness.

We create our success and arrive at our happiness.

Without the inspiration, encouragement, and vision of my very best friend, I would still be frantically penning cover letters and trying to mold myself into the perfect candidate in someone else's success story. Robert's goals and passions align so clearly with mine, surely we were created to help each other navigate this life and ace adulthood.

So, here it is. I am proud, terrified, and excited to announce that we've officially begun the process of opening our own business (what!?). We are still very much in the planning stages and I will be fleshing out the details here as they evolve, but here's what we know:

  • What: A wonderfully comfortable respite where we hope you'll all join us for a glass of wine, a pint of beer, a bite to eat, and memory-making. I'm working on a post to introduce the name, as that is equally as terrifying as sharing this post with the world.
  • Where: Somewhere wonderful, which I will disclose in the near future. Get excited.
  • When: I'm superstitiously withholding this information for now. If you've ever had your hands in a restaurant opening, you can probably understand why.
  • Why: Because after much conversation, reflection, meditation, and more conversation, we know this is our purpose. We're both happiest when we're enjoying good food & drink with strangers and loved-ones alike. I'm coming to believe happiness is surrounding yourself with the people you love, in the places you love, sharing what you love with one another. That is what I plan to do with as much of the rest of my life as possible.
  • How: If you'd like to grab a cup of coffee or Facetime, I'd love to share our business plan with you. Otherwise, stay tuned!

After years of searching and trying and failing, and trying and sort of succeeding but not really, and trying and being sick of trying, I am over the moon about the coming months. We cannot wait to share all of our plans and ideas with you, thank you so much for reading and believing in me, believing in Robert, and believing in the future we've decided to create and share with as many of you as possible.