I'm Coming Home


Deciding where to open a restaurant is tricky business. We want to be relevant, provide an experience unmatched in the local market, plant roots in a city that will satiate our personal needs, and just feel it. Feel it in a way that makes us excited to run 18 hour days alongside our neighbors; a way that makes all of our other options seem ridiculous, as if there is only one right answer. We moved to Nashville hoping to feel it. We didn't. While it's a wonderful city with a lot of growth, we don't see our concept being fully appreciated in such bustle. Remember, we're not opening an F&B to simply make money - we know we have value to add to the right location and we want to share our passion with a community that will respect it and grow with us. Side trips to Memphis and Chattanooga opened our eyes to other options, though there's still a crucial piece of our concept missing in these cities. We still hadn't felt it.

That is, until we took a weekend trip to a lakeside town. We not only felt it, we were smacked in the face with IT. Lazy summer days just absorbing the sounds and smells of the water. Time passed slowly, the warm nights snuck up on us and found us sipping wine on a patio and considering staying over for bloody mary's the next morning. We were sold.

SO, it's been decided that we will open our passion project on the shores of Lake Michigan. Pieces of my heart have always rested among the sea glass on those beaches, no other place would make sense. We would have the opportunity to return to a community that is so much of who I am today and share what we've learned from our adventures, what we love most about good food and wine, and hopefully give back at least a fraction of what it gave to me.

As everything is still very much in progress, the exact location will probably remain a mystery until the fall once we've raised the capital needed to make those decisions. We're beyond excited to share this with all of our family and friends, and will be grateful to have so many close by to help support us emotionally and (hopefully) as patrons once the doors open. We're cementing a name, concept, and logo - I can't wait to share it with you all so soon!!