If naming a business is anything like naming a child, I can't imagine the stress and pressure new parents experience during 9 months of trying to identify perfection. My rescue pup already knew her name when I adopted her, and there's no SPCA or Humane Society for struggling businesses in need of new owners, so this decision was a tough one. After much contemplation, it is so completely my pleasure to introduce you to: Roots! We wanted a name that means something to us and could potentially mean something to anyone walking by our sign or taking a seat at our bar. We wanted something short, memorable, impactful, and relevant to our concept and products we'll serve. I'm fairly confident we've landed on it. This business is bringing us back to our roots in the mitten, strengthening our purpose and allowing us to grow along with the love and support of our communities. When I say community, I don't just mean those directly surrounding us, but also those scattered around the world encouraging us to just go for it and offering to help in any way possible.

984320_10103432853061764_171637827_nThe incredibly kind words of excitement, encouragement, and sincere best wishes is overwhelming. We feed off of your energy and I can't begin to thank those who have reached out enough, it means so very much to us, knowing you're there. Special shout out to Ken Mayo, Robert's very talented brother, for sketching up our dream logo - we can't wait to plaster it on t-shirts, wine glasses, business cards, and dog collars - you know Olive will be repping our (still hypothetical but so necessary) dog-friendly patio!

More big changes are coming in the next month for us, countless thanks to all of you for reading and inspiring us to keep redefining the limits of that comfort zone.