A Lesson On Stuff


Loading stuff into boxes, then boxes into a truck, then driving that truck from point A to point B, then unloading those boxes and unpacking that stuff is a lesson; I have learned this lesson an embarrassing number of times over the past six years. This lesson is simple: stuff is overrated and often unnecessary. Almost everything I hold dear fits into one box and was probably not intended to carry so much value. Photographs, letters, love-filled notes and homemade bracelets give me more pause than that set of matching tiered candles I just had to have. You know, the ones you buy and put on a shelf to light when company comes over, but you never actually light them. This year, I made a point to light those candles whenever I wanted. Even if the occasion was a chilly Tuesday night and company was my dog. If I were to receive a grade on this lesson that stuff is overrated, I believe it would be a B+. That grade has improved since I packed up my car and moved across the country 6 years ago, though it still isn’t the shiny A I strive for. My fingers are itching to fill you in on the details of those previous moves and the other lessons I learned, often the hard way, but those are stories for another time. My point here is that moving sucks, especially when you have too much unnecessary stuff, and I’m so glad to be taking very little with me to our summer vacation home in Cape May, New Jersey.


Yes, I said vacation home, though you can bet there will be less pool lounging with margaritas and more serving up margaritas to the pool loungers. 60+hour work-weeks aside, living five blocks from the Atlantic Ocean is just what my soul needs after a year in land-locked Nashville. I’m so looking forward to starting each day with an inspirational walk up the beach with Olive and ending each night knowing we’re several hundred dollars closer to our goal. If this summer goes our way, we will be small business owners by 2016. Whoa.

A lot of you have asked about details – when, where, have we seen any properties we love, did we know X business just went on the market – and I admit we don’t have much more to share just yet. Some might think I took to this blog too early, but it’s really important to me that I share as much of this journey as possible with the people I love. It matters because I just know your feedback and suggestions will play such a huge part in getting us off the ground, and it matters because writing is my therapy and the way I express myself best.

Many of you have also asked if I still write, and why don’t I write more. Honestly, I don’t have a great answer for these questions either. Writing was my job once upon a time in San Francisco, and I learned that what I write severely impacts my desire to do so. When I left that job behind, I also took a break from writing altogether, and I haven’t prioritized any time to start back up again. This blog allows me to kill two birds with one stone, if you will tolerate the cliché. Here I am, still writing, and also keeping you posted on our progress toward our biggest life-goal to date.

So, thanks for bearing with us as the details slowly come together. In one short week we’ll be in Cape May, NJ, and I cannot wait to see what types of updates that seaside town inspires. In a few months, we’ll have more information for those who have expressed interest in investing in Roots and becoming directly involved in seeing our dream to fruition. As always, I truly appreciate your following along, keep your fingers crossed that my trusty 2003 Chevy Malibu can carry myself and my stuff from point A to point B just a few more times.